Parallex BioAssays

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Eliminate Cross-Reactions & Get More Results Faster with Parallex’s SnapChip Immunoassays

Multiplexed sandwich immunoassays is a powerful technique to measure multiple protein concentrations simultaneously. However, despite great excitement, its success was hampered by cross-reaction among the antibodies. Parallex BioAssays eliminates the “detection soup” and offers a new approach to deliver the detection antibodies precisely to their cognate spots. This results in a cross-reaction free chip harboring an assembly of parallelized assays, physically isolated from each other.

  • Rapid Assay Development – All assays are optimized individually.
  • Mix and Match – All your preferred assays on the same chip. No limitation!
  • Accurate Results – Eliminate allcross-reactivity and false positives!
  • New Opportunities – Measurement of concentration, post-translational modifications and enzyme activity… All at once!

It’s more than a simple multiplex, it’s a multiple singleplex!

BETA-Testing Survey