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PolyAn 2D-Aldehyde Slides

PolyAn 2D-Aldehyde Slides


PolyAn has developed a range of 2D-reactive glass slides for cost-sensitive applications. The defect-free glass is coated with a thin silane layer that will covalently bind most types of bio-molecules with a very low background.

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The slides are easy to use, and are fully compatible with all commercially available arraying and scanning instruments.

Aldehyde groups react immediately with the NH2-terminus of biochemical species to form a covalent bond with the surface.

The slides are produced with standard dimensions of 25 x 75 x 1 mm.

PolyAn’s slides are characterised by a long shelf-life when stored dry, at room temperature and protected from sunlight. All slides are packaged in boxes under Argon atmosphere to avoid contamination with particles. The Argon atmosphere also minimises degradation of the reactive surface through contact with air or humidity.

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