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10 µL Pipette tip (Short, Sterile) 960 tips

10 µL Pipette tip (Short, Sterile) 960 tips



Long reach 10 uL pipette tips can reach the bottom of a 1.50 mL EP tube. It is autoclavable and low retention. Made of a special virgin polypropylene. It is graduated. It's universal an could work with a big range of pipettors such as Gilson, Biohit, Eppendorf, and etc.

  • Racked, Cat. TR10-96S, 96tips/rack
  • Refill System, Cat. RS10-96S, 96tips/rack
  • Price for 960 pipette tips.
  • Low retention

*Price varies between 33$ - 63$

*Contact us at for more precise quotes