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The SnapChipTM is more than a simple multiplex, it’s multiple singleplex!

The Company

Based in Montréal (Canada), Parallex Bioassays is an innovative biotech company developing antibody microarrays for the biomedical and food industries. Thanks to a new patented technology called the SnapChipTM, we eliminate the cross-reaction inherent to multiplexed immunoassays and thereby open the door to new opportunities.  Now, physically isolated micro-assays can be combined in a single and highly customizable chip without any compromise on the quality of the results. Also, measurements of post-translational modifications, protein isoform and binding partners can be included to create a unique multiparametric Chip.

Our mission is to offer innovative and customizable solutions to accelerate academic and industrial research.

Executive Members

Sebastien Bergeron, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastien Bergeron is the founder and CEO of Parallex BioAssays. He completed a Ph.D. in physiology and endocrinology, with a focus on type II diabetes. As a postdoctoral fellow with Pr. David Juncker in the Biomedical Engineering department at McGill University, he developed a strong interest in microfluidics and immunoassay miniaturization. He drove the development of a new microarray format, called the SnapChip. This cross-reaction-free platform offers high quality results while permitting rapid, flexible and customized multiplexed immunoassay development. In 2015, Sebastien founded Parallex BioAssays to make this technology available to the scientific community.

Heidi Larkin, Ph.D.

Scientific Director

Heidi Larkin completed her Ph.D  in pharmacology  at Université de Sherbrooke. Her exceptional dedication to the university and academic achievements were recognized by the Jean-Pierre-Caillé Award. She specialized in molecular and cellular biology with an expertise in confocal microscopy and immunostaining. In 2016, she moved to Montréal to pursue an industrial career and joined Parallex BioAssays as the scientific director. She is responsible for technology development and optimization of custom multiplexed immunoassays. To complement her research and leadership skills, Heidi has undertaken a part-time Project Management program at HEC Montréal.

Michael T.G. Evans

Vice President of Business Development

Michael Evans earned his Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University before studying Mandarin intensively in both China and Taiwan. After starting his career as a writer at a magazine in Taiwan, he returned to Canada in 2010 to work in the media industry. He has been working at the world’s largest film localization company for the past seven years, focusing on management, product development and international business growth. As a complement to his experience, Michael will graduate from the MBA program at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management during the next year. He has joined Parallex BioAssays as the VP of Business Development to aid in establishing business strategies and creating partnerships to accelerate the commercialisation of the SnapChip technology.

Advisory Board

Claude LeDuc

Advisory Board Chair at Parallex BioAssays

President & CEO at MRM Proteomics Inc.

Claude LeDuc is a professional Executive CEO/COO in the life science industry with 30 years of international experience and achievement in private and Fortune 500 Companies. From innovation to sales, he has a great understanding of the research and medical businesses, supported by a proven record of accomplishments. As the Advisory Board Chair at Parallex BioAssays, he will guide the strategic decisions and participate on short and long-term objectives assessment with a rapid and sustained growth in mind.

Pr. David Juncker

Professor at McGill University, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Pr. Juncker’s interests are in the conception, development and application of novel micro and nanotechnologies for biology and biomedical applications. His research includes the development of scalable antibody microarrays for protein profiling and their use for biomarker discovery and early diagnosis of cancer.

Serge Giguere

Aerospace Sales Engineer, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Canada

Serge Giguere, acting member of the Board of Directors brings over 20 years of international business development to Parallex.


It’s great to work with Parallex for our immunoassay development. They are results-oriented and offer the best solutions for our needs. This partnership is a strong asset for our company.
Roozbeh Safavieh
Co-Founder & CEO, SensoReal

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